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After spending much of the last three years exclusively immersed in multidisciplinary productions across the US and Hong Kong, San Francisco musician/writer PC Muñoz returns to his songwriting roots in 2014 with a series of new singles, starting with the beat-pop track "Wrong", now available on iTunes. Constructed from hand-crafted beats, toy piano, pocket synths and world-class disillusionment, "Wrong" is the sound of the slippery slope of doubt, inspired by the former planet Pluto's infamous demotion in status. Two more singles, the electro-math-funk gem "Big Winner" and the new-wave flavored "I See" are culled from PC's 2015 multidisciplinary production, Inside Pocket of a Houndstooth Blazer and are due out in late 2014!

PC Muñoz's genre-defying projects are stylistically broad and deep, revealing a sonic explorer equally at home with contemporary classical, funk, hip-hop, spoken-word, world-music fusion, public art installations and modern dance productions. His partnership with composer/cellist/longtime Kronos Quartet member Joan Jeanrenaud has yielded two highly acclaimed projects: the Grammy-nominated Strange Toys and the iTunes-charting cello and beats duo album Pop-Pop. A frequent and enthusiastic collaborator, PC has recorded and/or performed with rock legend Jackson Browne, dream-pop poet/chanteuse Ingrid Chavez, Prince and the Revolution synth wizard Dr. Fink, Kulintang master Danny Kalanduyan, sonic surrealists Broun Fellinis, woodwinds renegade Kyle Bruckmann, metal vocalist AC Way, vocalist Jennifer Kreisberg of the legendary Native American group Ulali, and countless other musicians and recording artists.

PC's notable multidisciplinary collaborations include ongoing iterations of HALF-BREED (created during PC's 2013 fellowship at The Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis), the award-winning December 2012 production Ir-Rational, 2012's Fall of a Sudden project in Hong Kong, 2008's public art installation Light Haiku with kinetic sculptor Chris Eckert, 2005's award-winning project Twenty Haiku, and ongoing performances with Vadim Puyandaev and Erika Tsimbrovsky of Avy-K Productions.

PC began his career in the early 90s as an R&B/Gospel drummer and indie producer, while teaching elementary school by day. In 1998 he launched a solo artist/label entrepreneur career, releasing his debut solo disc, The Trouble I'd Bring You on his own label, Beevine Records. Beevine also released 2002's CMJ-charting A Good Deed in a Weary World, 2004's Golden State mash-note California (featuring Jackson Browne on the title track), and 2005's Twenty Haiku. In 2005, PC delved further into production and artist development, co-founding the unique record label/private recording studio entity Talking House Productions with Seagate CEO Steve Luczo and 5 close music industry colleagues. Known as the Bay Area's premiere studio with the only SSL-9000K console in Northern California, the former Talking House facility is now called Studio Trilogy, and hosts everyone from Bay Area emerging artists to pop mega-stars like Lady Gaga and will.i.am.

Born and raised in San José, California, amidst innovation and entrepreneurialism, Muñoz now resides in San Francisco.


PC is currently in production mode--finalizing tracks for late 2014 and early 2015 releases and producing unique tracks for an upcoming feature film by a longtime Bay Area film veteran. Stay tuned for related performances!


Selected tracks from various projects:



PC Muñoz is available for select audio/music projects as percussionist/beatmaker, sound designer, and producer, or as a content creator/project leader for large and small creative initiatives. See contact info below.


PC is available as a guest lecturer/workshop presenter, and accepts a limited amount of cajon drum students each year; contact PC directly for next availability.

PC is a voting member of The Recording Academy. Academy members can connect at the Grammy Pro site.

Visit PC's LinkedIn page here and contact PC directly at the address below for all inquiries.

PC Muñoz


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PC Muñoz

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MULTIPLE NEW RELEASES COMING SOON: The past year was packed with wildly diverse recording projects for PC as an artist, producer, and percussionist, and the finished products are being released all through the end of 2014 and into 2015:
New Joan Jeanrenaud compositions
PC played drumset and marimbata on two new polyrhythm-driven compositions ("Harlem Strut" and "Harmonic Harlem") by composer, cellist and frequent collaborator Joan Jeanrenaud. The new compositions will be released soon via Joan's new website.
Owl Country
PC played drumset on this upcoming Americana/country project headed by songwriter/renowned author Dan Imhoff and musical partner Yvette Holzwarth. Owl Country's debut/holiday single "Long Gentle Rain" should be out sometime in November.
Blood Moon Orchestra
PC also continued work with Emmy-award winning/Oscar nominated virtuoso Van-Anh Vanessa Vo , joining her trio for the 2015 stage production The Odyssey and forming a unique music/film project, Blood Moon Orchestra, with Vo, rapper DEM ONE , and "One Voice/One Drum" director Christopher PaperSon Woon.
Chosen/Chase Martin
PC also recently wrapped production work on "Chosen", the killer first single from Oakland Pop/R&B artist Chase Martin, due in January 2015.
New PCM solo joints
PC is also readying two singles of his own, "Big Winner" and "I See", culled from his upcoming multidisciplinary project Inside Pocket of a Houndstooth Blazer. Watch for late November/early December release dates for these.
PC has been working with various production colleagues on unique tracks for the upcoming feature film Brujo, due out in 2015.

DRESHER ENSEMBLE ARTIST RESIDENCY: PC has been awarded a 2014-2015 Dresher Ensemble Artist Residency for the development of his next collaborative multimedia project, Inside Pocket of a Houndstooth Blazer. Stay tuned for collaborator news, and watch for the two sneak preview singles/artifacts, "Big Winner" and "I See" coming soon!

TYIA WILSON ALBUM: You can hear PC on the new release by Idaho-based vocalist Tyia Wilson. The epic dance/chant track "Adi Shakti" is featured in the "Now Listen-Hear!" section of this site; check her out!

LUCAS KRECH PHOTO SHOOT: Veteran NYC lighting designer/photographer Lucas Krech recently photographed PC for Krech's Artist Portrait series, which focuses on artists in their work environments. Lucas captured PC while working on music at Studio Trilogy. Check out Krech's work here.

1. "I See" single/artifact teaser
2. Blood Moon Orchestra teaser
3. Inside Pocket of a Houndstooth Blazer surveillance footage
4. "Wrong" music video
5. Sneak-peek video for the HALF-BREED project
6. "One Voice/One Drum" mini-doc featuring DEM ONE and PCM
7. "Counterfeit" lyric video
8. "Panama Canal" by Joan Jeanrenaud and PC featured on So You Think You Can Dance
9. Fall of a Sudden promo video, featuring Hong Kong rehearsal footage and audio collage


"Dark, sexual, sensual, confessional, and confrontational--all at the same time...a poet."
Performing Songwriter

"3.5 Stars (for Pop-Pop). This cello-and-percussion team moves through 10 tracks that are alternately tantalizing, mesmerizing, even somber at times."

"(PC Muñoz) is truly a modern musician, equally at home with a live band, playing the most organic of instruments...or hunched over a computer, making beats and working magic with ProTools..."
Tom Chandler, East Bay Express

"Muñoz's tasteful electronics, effortlessly balancing hard-hitting syncussion with bouncy basslines and buttery synth washes, are the perfect counterpoint to the thought-provoking words he spits out with an incomparable cool....undeniable talent for crafting songs that stimulate the mind and the body."
Amorn Bholsangngam, Urb Magazine

"Somewhere between hip-hop attitude, Minneapolis nasty and latin rock playa chops, PC Muñoz has an instantly compelling sound that defies definition..."
Rickey Vincent, author of "Funk: The Music, The People, and The Rhythm of the One" and host of KPFA's "The History of Funk" radio show

"Compelling beats, clever lyrics, and special guests, such as cellist Jean Jeanrenaud, make (Grab Bag) an enjoyable listen."
Electronic Musician

"...undeniable stage presence...laid-back, but commanding...the show is a left hook all right---and a knock out at that."
Mike Osegueda, Fresno Bee

"Great work. It's all too rare to hear someone breaking new ground in the pop field."
John Zorn, Composer

"... PC Muñoz consistently redefine(s) himself, sailing effortlessly across artistic categories..."
Marian Liu, San Jose Mercury News

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